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tv   WGN News at Nine  CW  September 28, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm CDT

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police say this is their suspected kidnapper home invader of the one everybody to take a good look at the photo because the question is, where is he? evening. our top stories the massive manhunt continues. we are live in greenwood at police headquarters tonight. >> police say it's a matter of time when they catch up with the guy, the important thing right now they say is the imminent danger to the public is over and they have his gun. entire neighborhoods closed off for
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most of the day an extensive search on the ground and from the air for this man wanted after a midday home invasion, kidnapping and armed robbery. >> i am happy to report that we in fact did recover a weapon within the last hour or so. >> taylor held a man at gunpoint and told him to drive to an undisclosed location the driver crashed his car on purpose to escape. neighbors were kept out of the search parameter and their homes for hours. >> better safe than sorry. i would rather be here than 6 ft. under. >> they used k-9 units and a safe police chopper right next to several schools and a local library, thousands of students locked indoors with class is going on as normal in what is known as building mode.
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>> this is where all of our planning practice and training come into play. >> the victim was targeted in this case, we don't think this was a random act of violence. >> school officials are working to reassure parents who were panicked today on able to get to their kids for a little while, police opened the release of the mug shot will help them get to taylor sooner rather than later. >> family members of the northwestern university student body was found in the harbor last night the investigation is far from over, the body of 19 year-old harsha found in the harbour between two boats his death has been ruled as an accidental drowning but we still do not know what led up to that. he was found with his wallet, cellphone all in his pockets.
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>> that is my main concern today, is that together with the police into northwestern that we find out all of this information because as a family that's what's truly upsetting us right now is that we don't know anything yet. >> his family members flew in from new york to help with the search they believe he did not kill himself his disappearance may have been due to his rare form of diabetes. >> we are in evanston life, the suspect is not unfamiliar with police, gang ties a previous drug and gun arrest and they also say he too was the recent victim of a gunshot wound in case that he is not being cooperative with, friends and family of a jay coleman tonight ... are saying that the rest is
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welcome news because they are about to marry this young boy. nearly one week after the shooting death of j. j. coleman on motions remain raw as friends and family said goodbye to the 14 year-old during a visitation at the thompson funeral home in evanston. >> that second life 24 old wesley would send the third. woodson the third, he shot at j.j. he says to prevent a fight at a party earlier this evening. that's evening. >> he took it upon himself to grab a 9 mm handgun and fired four shots at the group. >> j.j. coleman was hit in the
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back and died at the scene police say it was a case of mistaken identity, his mother hopes that woodson never sees the light of day. >> he has no care for anyone's life where he is that he deserves to be with someone like that on the streets and nobody is safe. neighbors would disagree this family has lived on this quiet evanston street for 40 years and they describe him as a good kid running with a bad crowd. >> he is a good kid, he really is. i don't actually think that he would be the type of person who would be a shooter. >> and the gun in this case still has not been found yet the police are still investigating as for colmes funeral is tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. at the first church of god christian life center evanston is holding a meeting tuesday night to talk
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about the meeting. >> a grisly discovery this morning, two bodies found in the trunk of a parked car on the southwest side chicago police were called to the 2400 block of west 44 street where they found the unidentified man an unidentified caller reported a foul order to police. >> an officer had sex with a prisoner that he promised to release from lockup, 55 year-old nelson it stewart faces charges of official misconduct and bribery, prosecutors say it happened at the harrison district police station at the west side in june that's where the lead to 29 year-old man was under arrest for prostitution they also said that the two men performed sex acts on each other and the victim later reported the incident to police, he is relieved of his power but continues to work with the police apartment. sepias announcing changes to the school
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calendar to make up for the days lost during the strike. also depaul considering bringing in the blue demons back to the city and jim ramsey says we could see a nice warm up to but it could come with a little bit of rain.
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>> some personal fallouts in the teachers' strike in chicago the mist in days means there is a major inconvenience for some families who have already booked travel plans for example. >> big changes to this eps calendar because of the strike and the tentative contract agreement and that is causing problems for some parents will have to decide if they will change travel plans or let their kids miss school. >> we booked a trip in july. >> this data booked his spring trip to mexico thinking that his two children would be out of school the first week in april but now because of the teachers' strike, spring break is one week earlier, cbs says the move was necessary to make sure there are
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enough instructional days in each school quarter but he says changing their travel plans is going to cost hundreds of dollars. i'm glad the strike is over but it seems like we're continuing to pay the cost of the strike. >> this sepias calendar released today makes up for all seven school days missed while teachers were on picket lines and here is how the majority of students will lose two days from winter vacation they will have to report to school on january 3rd and fourth and the school year is like thinned to include june 19th-21st and june 24th, roughly one-third of students will lose one week from fall break meeting school will be in session october 15th-19th and an additional school day on june 19th and the school calendar also adds more professional development time for teachers which includes six half days for
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students. these calendar changes are another example of decisions being made without respect to parents, families it's just insult to injury. this is what jean-claude brizard had to say in a statement: >> sepia says the administration and union officials agreed to the changes, carolyn son attends galileo elementary and she says that she just hopes that lost time will be made up. cbs >> they had to make some changes, it's fine. >> school is in session on columbus day the next year that
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will be a holiday for students and teachers, see ps teachers said that they were not paid for the days that they were on strike. another teacher strike is possible this one for north shore school district 112 the earliest the teachers' union could legally walkout is october 12th the highland park based school board and union have been meeting with the federal mediator since july to come up with the contract per usual salaries and benefits are the major points of contention, one dozen schools mostly elementary will be affected by the potential strike. >> a good facility for the school students and alumni to play basketball. mccormick place is being talked about as part of a deal that mayor emanuel is involved in. many miles from its main lincoln park campus, the
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mayor is backing the idea because much of that neighborhood goes dark when a big convention is not in town. nearly 30 years since the so- called tylenol poisoning tonight we talk to the nurse that first made the connection to the tainted pills and deaths. >> what's a strange object and with hotwire's low prices, we can afford to take an extra trip this year. first boston... then san francisco. hotwire checks the competitions' rates every day so they can guarantee their low prices. so our hotels were half price. ♪ h-o-t-w-i-r-e... ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ ♪ it goes something like this ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out. ♪
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>> president obama and mitch
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romney will engage in their first debate next week. the romney campaign is lowering their expectations. a campaign adviser for rana released a memo that outlines why the president will pretty much when this debate. among the reasons he listed the president has a lot more experience and is a great public speaker. they will take part in a total of three debates. he debated in the battleground state of pennsylvania today. he told soldiers he didn't know how many of them could support president barack obama when he is cutting military spending and opportunities for college students are decreasing. we >> if i'm elected president i will get us back on a road of wealth and prosperity. >> he also called israeli prime
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minister today and he criticized president barack obama for not meeting with him this week during the early prime minister's visit to the united nations, he won it then you and leaders' summit. president barack obama also talked to the israeli prime minister over the phone today they talked for 20 minutes, the white house says the leaders are in full agreement that are wrong cannot have a nuclear weapon but he was also fund-raising and will attend to different events tonight. ron i ran it ron the president also today blocked a chinese company from owning for wind farm projects nearing navy base and oregon citing national-security risks it was the first time in 22 years that u.s. president stopped such a deal. the man the
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produced a film that triggered deadly protest in the muslim world is now jailed in l.a. accused of violating his probation, a federal judge ordered him to remain in custody until his future hearing saying he was a danger to the community and a flight risk. his probation for a bank fraud conviction and he was also barred from using the internet. prosecutors are investigating whether he posted the video on youtube. the so-called tylenol poisoning anniversary is this weekend. extra strength tylenol capsules were laced with cyanide and we talked to the woman that put the clues together. >> as you know three of the seven victims died in arlington heights so there is still a vivid memory despite all the passing years especially for
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the nurse who was the first to make the connection between the tainted tylenol and deaths. >> palin jensen was the first to see it with one dead in two others on life support all from the same family, the village nurse was called to northwest community hospital where doctors paramedics and police struggled to find the mysterious cause. >> i asked the police i want to go out and see. >> jensen knew the victims had all taken tylenol and when she reached the home of the first arlington victim she reached into the medicine cabinet to grab the bottle. >> we found the receipt for the tylenol in a wastebasket. and i counted the bottle, there were three people dead and six capsules missing. >> much to her dismay she said no one believed her and after a sleepless night on september 29,
9:21 pm
1982 the village nurse called the deputy police chief and first in the morning and i said we have to take the tylenol off the shelves in town because it's contaminated and they said you cannot do that, and finally the chief said go ahead helen says take them off so by 10:00 all of the tylenol in arlington heights had been removed from the stores. lab tests later confirmed she was right as more victims fell across the chicago area seven victims and all killed for mysterious reasons by a culprit who somehow managed to get tainted pills on to the store shelves 30 years later jensen is still haunted by the memory of those who died. >> the mother that came home with her new baby in died on the doorstep the airline stewardess that was found days later in her apartment, the little girl who stayed home from school because she wasn't feeling well this
9:22 pm
poor mother who lost both of her sons over and that casea nut case. >> the sun times is reporting that prosecutors may be close to convening a grand jury in order to compel the testimony clearly investigators are still hoping to solve this case in a now 30 year-old criminal investigation. >> coming up, a rare public apology from apple over their maps application. one man's amazing climb to the top and why she is one of chicago's very own into a deal that may have been too good to be true, why the new owner of this painting may not get to keep it.
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does all the electronics now a new finding plans to build devices that never need to be removed since they have the power to disintegrate inside the body tufts university scientists designed the miniature electronic instruments that they say will function as needed and then simply melt away. it can be used as medical tools then dissolve in body fluids and be safely reabsorbed, boredom is a medical condition a team of doctors from canada's sake some people can fill their time is differences in mental capacity well we often think of boredom as being a temporary or trivial researchers say it's linked to a range of psychological social and health
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problems it can lead to dissatisfaction with activity whether it's a lack of understanding of a topic or an attention deficit rather than being frustrated would replace the feeling with apathy. the ayes have the power over your brain that controls your hands and muscles doctors found we have far less control over our thoughts than we think study participants first using weighted polls mirrors were introduced and despite the fact that people could not balance a stick they didn't compensate by relying on the feeling of perception they kept trying to make it work with what they saw the finding is that people could not abandon visual information resulting in the brain making and hiding poor decisions based on site. >> temperatures back in the '80s soon.
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trace actually was measured. look at the time lapse pictures from this afternoon water temperatures now and the low sixties we have had a wind off of the lake we had a high officially today of 67 degrees that is three degrees below normal but noticed some of the other interesting things on this chart one being the cooler temperatures in parts of west texas. we're also going to get a cold front. it is a cool night
9:31 pm
out there, look at these numbers readings in the mid '50s at o'hare. midway airport in the '50s. we expect us to pick up with time. it looks like sunday will be windy as this chart indicates but it will dissipate with time. the cool air is trying to dislodge but notice what happens tuesday we have a big chunk of cold air moving down just ahead of a nice warmup by wednesday but could make it to 80 or 81 degrees but it is going to be a close call is going to be cold indeed. daytime highs expected to be in the '50s. plenty of cold air, wins all across the area with
9:32 pm
the possible exception of a 5 mi. per hour breeze at o'hare airport. about one dozen severe weather reports from the mid atlantic up to the northeast one report of a tornado touched down in pennsylvania nobody hurt but there was considerable tree damage. raining all day in boston even some thunder up there and i noticed the rain paralleling parts of the east coast and this is central and western texas another day of rain they continue under flash flood watches they could see 2-4 in. of rain with possible accumulations in some spots of up to 7 in.. patchy clouds,
9:33 pm
early sunshine in the afternoon sun it should say early cloudiness in the afternoon sun high-temperature 70-74. partly cloudy saturday night breezy at times lowe by morning of 57-45 and on sunday partly cloudy a bit of wind off the lake. 63-67 degree is expected a nice autumnal field to the weekend drive for the most part. we should have some afternoon sunshine so not to worry. i just cannot type tonight that is my problem. the international table tennis tournament finals are in full swing this evening. they're part of ongoing it programs to encourage chinese travelers to stay there.
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the national hispanic heritage month which runs until mid october. history, culture and contributions of american citizens of hispanic origin tonight will highlight the guerrera of an important chicagoan whose life is a lesson in perseverance. >> pedro will admit that his road to success has not been a straight one growing up in logan square he was always an excellent student, out of high school he enrolled at bryant college where he studied to be an x-ray technician, he loved his job as an x-ray tech but he wanted more from his life.
9:38 pm
>> at the time i just wanted to make a lot of money. >> his ambition took him to a lobby where he asked for a list of every company that worked in the building. >> i'd started dialing and when i got to the g they gave me a job. what did you tell them? >> i said i don't know anything about this industry but it's something that interests me i have a lot of ambition to do something like this i can work hard and i think i can do well. >> he did very well for himself but after a few years he wanted more and he knew that he needed higher education. he enrolled in roosevelt univ. but he completed his bachelor's degree while still working full-time, he had to keep working because the ever driven had his sights on a law degree from northwestern university. >> it carried me. >> he graduated from the school
9:39 pm
of law in 1999. if you want to succeed in the world you have to go to school because that gives you the foundation to take that where you want to go from there you can navigate and figure out what you want to do. after a few years with a private law firm he is now the corporate counsel for one of the most successful jews manufacturing companies in the world, he is in charge of allsuccessful juice manufacturing companies in the world he takes care of all legal matters. >> pedro has been involved not only with legal device as someone who is really committed to community and family issues,
9:40 pm
but he has a big heart and it includes all of that in the work that he does here. pedro credits his success to his drive and his determination to be the best person he conveyed. i have a lot of mentor's i can look up to that have the level of success in the community so you have to create it for yourself and you have to have something inside you that says i want to take the next step. he will certainly be a role model for many young people in his community this is not the last you will hear of him when chicagos very own. >> coming up, flea market bargain or maybe not. why investigators want to take at a
9:41 pm
valuable painting that sold for $7.
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a wallflower, teenagers both struggle with and celebrate their nonconformist status, it has beautiful riding into wonderful characters and performances including harry potter is emma watson in another very unhermoine role. if you like musicals but find them too sappy this celebrates them but also makes fun of it, the completely fresh and funny pitch perfect. it has a best in show 5. it feels like it will be a big screen version of cglee until it spoofs every thing that it also celebrates.
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once again this year, wgn tv as the media partner for the 11th aides run into walk benefiting the aids foundation of chicago i will host the opening ceremony with frank collins on sunday morning just outside of soldier field. the comedian wanda sykes will also be there. you can take a look of my current and past reviews and a list interviews with stars like joseph gordon leavitt's or emma watson on the website wgn >> we have a good-looking
9:47 pm
weekend but it's going to start off cloudy i think notice the clouds dropping south from wisconsin we expect mostly cloudy skies when you get up tomorrow morning and noticed there is a nice area of cloud cover pushing in from the west we do expect improved weather by the afternoon. 73 saturday and 66 monday. apple ceo tim cook is apologizing for problems with
9:48 pm
apple maps a glitch many of them reported with apple's new program made available to millions users complained that some of the information are incomplete with the wrong city they said the engineers are working nonstop to fix the problems in the meantime they suggest alternatives like map quest and even the one he was competing in google. has google maps captured an image of a ufo in texas? there it is. it looks like something out of a 1950's low-budget sci-fi flick. google has yet to comment on it. some
9:49 pm
say the ufo is only a reflection of something on the ground, anything but a real live fire engine red ufo. >> it looks like a pumpkin. a painting sold at a flea market is now the center of an fbi investigation, someone picked it up for $7 but the artwork may have been stolen decades ago a collector who once owned the painting alone did to the baltimore museum of art in 1937, the museum say that they never had the panting but documents show that someone stole the landscape painting in 1951. the person who currently owns the painting has held off on selling it until they can solve the mystery. highlights from day one
9:50 pm
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the white sox are not going to make it easy they will go right down to the wire. gavin floyd got the call. gordon beckham scores the socks scratching for lows again tonight. over the fence for a solo shot the socks off lead 2-1. the bat slowly coming around in this one. the white sox lead the game out by a score of 3-1 in the eighth, now the tigers in minnesota were tied 2-2 in the eighth. he ripped a shot to right-center
9:54 pm
to run double. they win the game over the tigers 4-2. the white sox will be just one game out if they hang on against tampa tonight. the cubs have to go four, two and zero, a miserable road trip out west to arizona tonight. the cubs trailed again down to-nothing in the third inning. in its pittsburgh tonight. he pops one up to alex presley. it ties a modern-day record in baseball. one-nothing. the monday the bears cowboy game in dallas should be good for defenses. the big reason the
9:55 pm
bears' defense is so good because of constant pressure from the floor. don't forget you can see the bears cowboys game right here on wgn tv on monday night. we have post-game coverage. team usa gives the fed's what they ask for for a ryder cup at madonna. phil
9:56 pm
mickelson was a big factor in the european struggle. a great shot by fellow. the europeans want just one of the four matches barely hanging on when tiger woods missed a birdie. the usa leads it now 5-3 as they head into saturday. >> i had such a great day, it was one of the best days in my life, so much fun and doing it alongside phil mickelson at one of my idols makes it even more special. >> i've never been to a tournament in my life where the crowd was so loud so we just had a blast we have fun. >> and a big loss for the chicago fire in the battle for first place the white sox
9:57 pm
hanging on three-one in the eighth. we will be going into cleveland i think when this whole thing is over. pack your bags my friend. that is the news for this friday night. >> i bet you you are happy we're going home, you folks at home. we will see you monday. think you can't get great auto insurance coverage and a great rate? think again! mary switched to allstate got an agent, and saved $326.00 on her car insurance. john switched, got an agent and saved $263.00! drivers who switched to allstate saved an average of $375 a year on car insurance. and allstate will send you two bonus checks a year every year you stay accident free with our safe driving bonus. when i switched to allstate my savings
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